How IoT Is Changing Our Lives

2. Home and Office

Always wanted a smart futuristic coffee maker that turns on itself when you are up from your bed or a fridge that texts you when supplies run off, don’t worry internet of things is making it all possible. This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was also dominated by such appliances with all the major consumer electronics companies show casing their smart home product line.

Major acknowledgement goes to Nest Learning Thermostat which can be considered one of the first truly IoT bench mark device. This smart device can save your electricity by 20%, automatically control your home temperature and a lot more. Then there is Amazon’s Echo, Philips’ Hue Lighting, Air Quality Egg and many more.

Also brands are announcing their own IoT platforms for integrating more and more smart home and office devices. Apple’s HomeKit and Samsung’s ARTIK are such platforms in use.

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