Online (Mostly Free!) IoT courses You Should Know-Part 1 of 6


In the realm of Internet of Things every physical object will be connected. From home appliances to security systems to healthcare devices, this tech is going to be part of our lives. Have you ever wonder what impact it is going to create on the job sector. Opportunities are endless and you can become not only a learner and innovator but also a highly successful entrepreneur if you utilize the listed IoT courses curriculum wisely.

Previously when .com era created millionaires by dozens a years, hardware and software tools were extremely expensive. However not anymore you can start building some serious IoT applications from using boards costing just $9. IoT platforms available these days are extremely versatile. All you need to do is to make use of information available to work on embedded systems. There are many internet of things courses available online both for free and with fee.

Check out the latest available IoT courses that can help you to specialize in the connected world components to build new age IoT applications.

For the ease of understanding and easy follow-up for the readers we have divided the entire curriculum into six online IoT courses:

  1. Courses for Beginning With Internet of Things (Listed)
  2. Courses for IoT Application Building With Raspberry pi (coming soon)
  3. Courses for IoT Application Building With Arduino (coming soon)
  4. IoT Prototyping Course (coming soon)
  5. IoT Course on Drones & Robots (coming soon)
  6. IoT Course on Embedded Gadgets and Systems (coming soon)

Courses for Beginning With Internet of Things

1Build Your Own Internet of Things

Created by UC San Diego and Qualcomm
In this course included are the concepts behind Internet of Things services and products. You will be working with sensors, actuators, processors and communication protocols to understand and develop skills that will help you in deploying real life IoT applications. There are both theory and lab sections included in this course.

Courses Included are:

  1. Internet of Things: How did we get here?
  2. Internet of Things: Setting Up Your DragonBoard™ Development Platform
  3. Internet of Things: Sensing and Actuation From Devices
  4. Internet of Things: Communication Technologies
  5. Internet of Things: Multimedia Technologies

Final Capstone Project-Internet of Things Capstone: Build a Mobile Surveillance System

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2Internet of Things: Multimedia Technologies


This course is being offered by University of California via Coursera for making the connection between IoT and Multimedia technologies clear to students. This course covers a lot of basics of video and audio codecs that are being utilized for creating media content for online services like Netflix, iTunes, YouTube, Google play and others. Course also covers an insight into understanding concept of quality and media bandwidth optimization through formats and codec settings.

Lastly all the concepts will be applied to develop a media player application.

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3Internet of Things & Augmented Reality Emerging Technologies


Internet of Things and Augmented Reality are not very far off concepts. AR is already is full run with many main stream industries making use of it. On the other side IoT is gaining momentum and soon it will be integrated with AR for some powerful applications.

Yonsei University has come up with this course via Coursera to help students understand working of these technologies and what can be achieved using the two together.

Course Syllabus

The complete course is divided into two parts:

  • IoT (Internet of Things)

Topics covered include essential functions of IoT, IoT Service Support and Economic Impact, IoT & M2M Ecosystem, IoT Architecture, IoT Technologies and R&D, and IoT supportive wireless networking technologies.

  • AR (Augmented Reality)

Topics covered are history of VR (Virtual Reality)/AR (Augmented Reality), AR Classifications, AR Technology, AR Process, AR Feature Extraction Process and Feature Extraction Techniques.

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4How the Internet of Things and Smart Services Will Change Society

One of the largest and leading ERP solution provider SAP is the designer of this course. With internet of things soon going to be as large as 50 billion connected devices, it is imperative that the IoT impact on society as a whole will be felt.

This course offered via openSAP is an absolute must for someone interesting in using IoT Trends to make an impact on society as a whole. The course is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Societal Perspective

Unit 1: Key Trends and Terms – the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Unit 2: Smart Services

Unit 3: Effects on Society

Unit 4: Challenges and Opportunities for Society

Part 2: Business Perspective

Unit 5: Key Trends and Terms – Digital Transformation and Business

Unit 6: Smart Software for Smart Services

Unit 7: Enabling Technologies

Unit 8: Challenges and Opportunities for Business

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5The Internet of Things

Note: This course is for entrepreneurs not students

Everyone business is in love with internet of things. Entrepreneurs are going gaga over it, large corporations are embracing it and universities are excited about its future relevance and now even governments have started to take a serious look at IoT.

While a decade age no one would have liked the idea of inter connected world, internet of things and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies are becoming more prevalent.

However one important question you might be asking is,

  • What does it means for you, your enterprise, your organization and your community?
  • What possibilities IoT applications have to offer?
  • What threats are posed by them?

All your business relevant IoT queries will be answered by this one course.

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These are the most relevant courses to begin with internet of things. Stay connected with us as we will be taking this list further with the Courses for IoT Application Building With Raspberry pi next.

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