Top IoT Experts You Should Know

IoT Experts You Should Know
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Keeping up with our series of Internet of Things-You Should Know, this time we bring you list of the top IoT experts who are looked upon as the torch bearers for the upcoming technologies. If you are scratching your head over to get started with the Internet Of Things we have all the needed resources for you available here.

Internet of things is deemed to be the revolution that will change how we work, live and even think. With the innovation going on experts suggest the potential to make the world a better place is massive implementing IoT solutions. Well IoT applications are already making their place in our lives but there is a community that is indifferent on the potential of internet of things. Security and privacy risks posed by connecting everything are wrecking. Amidst of all the speculations and promises we bring you top internet of things experts, if you find any significant name missing from the list let us know for sure in comments.

1Kevin Ashton

It is no surprise that our list starts with Ashton the guy who back in 1999 coined the term “Internet of things”. Ok, let us make it easy for you; want to know about his views and insights on the creation, invention and discovery of IoT? Read his book How to Fly A Horse.

2Tony Fadell

The guy behind the success of Nest is on the list of IoT experts for a reason. His ability to see the practical implementations of internet of things in products is what drives Nest to success. Home automation products especially the Nest Self Learning Thermostat and Protect are synonymous of Smart Home Internet of Things Application. You can read Tony Fadell’s posts on home automation and more here.

3Vala Afshar

Connectivity of the internet of things devices with each other and the cloud is a complicated task. It requires sophisticated networking solutions and this is something Extreme Networks specializes in. Afshar is the CMO of the company that builds, designs and implements highly advanced Ethernet solutions for IoT.  Read his take on Internet of Things here.

4Rob Tiffany

The Global Technology Lead, Internet of Things and Enterprise Mobility for Microsoft, Tiffany is man who overlooks the development of the largest wireless and mobile solutions in the world used by Fortune 100 companies at Microsoft. Best way to know about him is through his website

5Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Alexandra is one of those very few women who are focusing their career on Internet of Things. Her firm DesignSwarm has been into the game for almost two decades now that focuses on IoT solutions. It means she is an expert who has seen internet of things grow over the years literally.

6Timo Elliot

You will find most tweets on Timo’s account about connected vehicles and future washrooms. As the Innovation Evangelist at SAP he is an expert of everything analytics connected to business. SAP overlooks almost 75% of GDP of the world through its systems. No surprise that SAP is eager to bring internet of things solutions under its hood as early as possible.

7Guy Kawasaki

Kawasaki is a Silicon-Valley based author, speaker and entrepreneur he is one of the early mammoths of the tech startups. He believes in expansion of internet of things to every aspect of our lives and wants a Life360 kind of setup where anything and everything can be made alive using a tracker and a sensor. You can know more about him here

8Simon L Porter

Porter has been with the IBM for 30 years taking up 9 different jobs making him a tech veteran of his own. He is a guy with deep understanding on intricate connection between internet of things, analytics and cloud.

9David Pogue

Pogue is a TV science presenter and technology writer for Yahoo Tech, CBS, The New York Times and Scientific American.

10Jeff Bertolucci

He is an expert subject writer on IoT and Big Data for Information Week.

11Rob Faludi

He is a NYU Professor and author of Building Wireless Sensor Networks.

These are some of the known experts from the internet of things domain. if you think we missed on any expert please bring it to our notice commenting below.

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