IoTWF 2015-Major Events and Underlined 3 Major IoT Themes

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The latest concluded Internet of Things World Forum 2015, held in Dubai at World Trade Center saw some major enlightening thoughts from major business groups. One such group is Cisco which revealed 3 major themes for IoT which it believes will pave the path for potentially making use of the upcoming technologies.

According to the networking giant Cisco to make most of the IoT opportunities companies and experts should be aware of the major themes. These three themes are the Awaken Theme, the Activate Theme and the Accelerate Theme.

The Awaken Theme was about awareness of competitive advantages that IoT is capable of brining across all industries. While the Activate Theme was more about learning to make use of IoT and laying roadmaps for feasible solutions. Lastly the Accelerate Theme was about role of service providers and developers and quickly advancing the IoT industry.

Other Events

IoTWF photoPhoto by wjarrettc The event was attended by 2000+ participants that hosted some high end presentations from leaders in IoT industry. This included Doug Davis, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Internet of Things (IoT) Group at Intel Corporation, Intel who gave presentation on the Internet of Things and the Next Fifty Years of Moore’s Law, Keith Nosbusch, Chairman and CEO, Rockwell Automation explaining Scalable Industrial IoT Technologies Enhance the Connected Enterprise and Dr. Prith Banerjee, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, Schneider Electric presenting on Powering a New Era of Operational Intelligence with the Internet of Things.

Other events included a hackathon, startup show, breakout sessions and Dubai tours.

The event was a success with major technological giants meeting world leaders and government officials discussing on new IoT possibilities and key role of digitization.

What attracted the attention of entrepreneurs were the presentations from customers who have successfully implemented concepts of IoT to their businesses. Dubai is one of the most advanced digitized cities and there can be no better place to hold IoTWF 2015.

The Dubai city tour was focused around the Dubai Design District (D3) where implementation of internet of things technologies is made on large scale. The lighting solutions, surveillance solutions, CO2 emission check and clean energy solutions everything is controlled using IoT applications. D3 is an ideal showcase of how IoT solutions can made smart cities a possibility with minimum efforts.

New Frontiers

A segment of the IoTWF 2015 was also focused on brining new frontiers of internet of things to light. The Research and Innovation Symposium was held at the event where expert and leading technologists presented their scholar works.

IoT Hackathon

For learners World Forum held the coding and learning session where the Cisco Innovation Grand Challenge was eye catcher. The Challenge backed with a cash price of $250,000 drew six startups working in IoT industry to the event.

Events like these are an important imprint in promoting IoT and gaining attention of the masses. You can find more about the event at

Photo by wjarrettc

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