IoT Startup Afero Secures $20 Million Investment From Samsung

Los Altos based Afero is clearing IoT market mess provide a complete package solution. Samsung’s funding will boost the company’s progress.

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Afero is a startup based in Los Altos managed by some big minds. One of the cofounders of the company mention worthy is Joe Britt, a former Google engineer.

What according to this startup is USP of their solutions is the ability to de-clutter the internet of things market that has an army of product manufacturers.

IoT solution offered by Afero has everything in one package to help companies deploy products that can be connected to internet on the go. To begin with the startup offers a Bluetooth module with improved security and no need of pairing using its own custom firmware. Additionally there is a development tool called Afero Profile Editor or APE that helps companies to build services on their internet connected devices.

In an announcement made on May 18, 2016 Afero said it has raised Series A funding of S20.3 million from Samsung Catalyst Fund as lead investors. Others include SoftBank, Fenox Venture Capital, Presidio Ventures, Assembly Fund, Robert Dobkin and Sanshin Electronics Co. Ltd.

According to Britt what differentiates Afero from score of other IoT startups is that their product is focused on making connectivity to the internet as secured as possible. The entire hardware and software stack helps companies to connect any product to internet securely.

In words of Britt, “Other IoT platforms are still exposing substantial technical knowledge to their customers.

Whereas with the tools we’ve created, it really boils down the concepts to high-level building blocks that customers can plug together.”

Afero already secured some customers that include 3 large Japanese companies Bandai Namco Studios, a video game publisher, manufacturer Murata and Infocom, healthcare IT services provider.

Britt sees a lot potential in the internet of things market and believes there are many unidentified customers who are building products and services based on IoT sensors.

Major tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft and Sony are heating up the IoT market. Stay in touch with our latest news to know more about the internet of things market scenario.