IoT Companies You Must Know


To bring internet of things to mainstream business, there is not only need of innovative ideas and larger IoT development community acceptance but also visionaries who can alleviate internet of things. Major tech players have all the necessary resources as well as the brain power that is needed to develop IoT applications. With Gartner estimating a $300 billion industry out of IoT, domestic as well as industrial IoT companies are making their mark in the domain.

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Internet of things is very complicated and multifaceted domain. Top IoT companies can be divided into Top Industrial IoT companies and Top Consumer IoT Companies based on their focus.

Read on to know which top most IoT companies are in term of resources and technologies in 2016 that should under your scanner.

2Top Consumer IoT companies: Google

Remember the deal where Google bought Nest (automated thermostat company) for whopping $3.2 billion. This was the moment when the search giant indicated its venture into internet of things.

Google is also working on several other projects to reinforce its place in internet of things. For instance, Google’s Brillo uses Weave which is a language platform especially designed by the company to streamline communication between IoT devices.