Internet of Things Projects Based On Raspberry Pi


Internet of things projects are the best to learn about skills necessary to build IoT applications that can actually be deployed. To start with any internet of things platform first of all you will need a platform. What better to get started than Raspberry Pi.

There are hundreds of reasons why you should built your internet of things application on this platform. The major reason is freedom of open source community and excellent community support.

8Humidity Sensor

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One of the basic applications of using Raspberry Pi is to be able to make things augmented. The Humidity and Temperature Sensor provides you exactly the same information. There are times when you want to know whether your hardware is protected from extreme temperatures and humidity. This is the project just for you. You can mount it anywhere you want to keep a check on temperature and humidity and connect it to Raspberry Pi Web Server.

That’s it! With this project you will learn about networking protocols and working of sensors.

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