Amazon Dash Buttons Hardware Based AWS IOT Button Released

Amazon dash button
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Amazon introduced AWS IOT Button and the whole stock was sold out in a day. Working on the same functionality as dash buttons, these buttons allow developers to get started with AWS IoT, Amazon SNS, Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda instantly.

It’s just not acceptable if you are an internet of things enthusiast and still have no clue about Amazon Dash Buttons. Simply speaking they are the IoT devices at their best and one of the best ways to understand how internet of connected things can change our lives forever. Well I guess not all of you are vigilant enough to catch the latest happenings in the IoT markets. Let me help you get along with these awesome Dash Buttons easily. Read on to know what these little cute devils are and what they are capable of.

What is an Amazon Dash Button?

Amazon Dash Buttons are part of the Amazon Dash services that are consumer good ordering internet of things based services. The Amazon Dash is designed across the idea of making everyday goods buying and mostly refilling needs automated.

Amazon Dash Buttons makes ordering process lighting fast reducing it by 7 to 8 steps.

There are various ways through which Amazon Dash can enable you to automate the supply refilling tasks. You can make use of Amazon Dash scanning devices that are integrate with AmazonFresh and automatically keep a track on inventories. Then there are Amazon Dash Replenishment Services that are designed for home appliance manufacturers to inbuilt components in their products that can be used to order supplies directly from Amazon. For instance your washing machine can be provided with a button to order detergent through Amazon directly at a press.

Then there are Amazon Dash Buttons which are small electronic IoT devices which can be programmed to order specific product at a press. This button makes ordering products online infinitely easy and much faster.

How AWS IOT Button Works?

AWS IOT Button Working
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Watch Amazon Dash Button In Action

When you order these buttons they come in packs. All you have to do is to configure each button to order a specific product in specific quantity. You have to do this configuration through your account. Just configure and stick the device near the commodity it is wired to order so that you can order that commodity as soon as it is low.

Pressing the button sends a Wi-Fi signal to Amazon and a message to user’s phone. Order can be cancelled within a half an hour window of ordering. So this is it. Amazon Dash Buttons are available for ordering products of over 100 brands.

Get your hands on complete guide here.

Hell No! Reactions Need Perspective Change

Dash buttons are designed to augment our lives and are limited only by our creativity. Not everyone is surprised or pleased with the performance of an electronic button just to order their groceries. Price of an Amazon Dash Button is $ 4.99 and this is a weird thing for many. Most people don’t like the idea of an electronic device that can perform only a single task and costs $5.

If you are someone who thinks why I should order this button when I can order my goods over a call, then allow us to enlighten you little more.

First things first you are not going to pay $4.99 for one Dash Button it is essentially free. You immediately get a credit of $4.99 as soon as you purchase it.

Second you don’t need to buy an Amazon Dash Button for every single commodity. Amazon is working on ways to optimize dash buttons for use with commodities that are ordered in bulk. Think of a situation when you are stressed and in no mood to order an essential good like your baby’s diaper. When you run out all you do is panic can get more stressed. With dash buttons you can order such goods then and there without using laptop or phone or logging into your account.

Amazon is aggressively widening the partners pool who offer their services integrated with dash buttons.

It is not always a good idea to use your smartphone for everything. Dash buttons augment the most repetitive tasks or our lives.

Amazon Dash Buttons are not just limited here, the brand is working on advanced integration methods to control every smart device from thermostats to lighting via Wi-Fi. Also AI systems of Alexa are made more efficient and faster to increase functionality and speed of these buttons.

You can see the step by step guide on setting up Amazon Dash Buttons for the first time on Tech Crunch.

What is next?

We don’t know. Yeah, there is nothing clear on what comes next from Amazon. One thing is for sure Amazon should work around a way to provide blank dash buttons that are no pre-programmed to order from a particular brand only. Brand association is a good thing but independence for users to program the Amazon  Dash Buttons on their own is something we all want to see.