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What 5G Revolution Has In Store For Future Innovations of IoT

Mobile communication has come a long way from services...

How speech-to-text/voice recognition is making an impact on IoT development

It is amazing how technology has changed the world...

How IoT Is Changing Our Lives

Internet of things is passively changing our lives. What we do and how we do it is gradually being transformed by IoT.

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IoT Council is a think tank, consultancy, accelerator and forecasting group. The council comprises of a group of professionals with different ideas and opinions on Internet of Things.

IoT Wiki is a proud media partner of the Council. We share and provide insights for various IoT ideas and concepts with the Council Members.

Council Global has shown IoT thought leadership since 2009. Through pioneering, executive experience, from global corporate IoT first movers.

IoT Wiki is collaborating with the Council Global through its think tank members from every industry to bring internet of things concepts and ideas into public domain.

The Internet of Things (IoT) Tech Expo Event brings together key industries from across the globe for top level discussions and knowledge sharing. The events are organized once a year for exploring and introducing the latest IoT innovations. Major participating industries include Health, Automotive, Transport, Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Government.

Internet Of Things Wiki covers the Internet of Things (IoT) Tech Expo events and brings you updates very first. We are proud to be Media Partners of this event.

Internet of Things World is backed by Informa, one of the leading providers of events in the communications market place in the world.

IoTWorld under its aegis organizes many events throughout the year with the focus on monetizing the IoT revolution. It brings together ecosystem wide attendees, investors and stakeholders to pitch the new age innovative IoT messages in the capital of IoT development.

We are proud to be their media and knowledge partners.

Internet of Things (IoT) is not only a platform but a phenomenon as well which allows every physical object to communicate data, process data and analyze data in context of several environment, applications and services. To make Internet Of Things really a success there  is need of a new paradigm which can help in maturity of vital IoT technologies including internet, sensors, big data analytics, machine learning algorithms and wireless communication.

IoTBD is a body which holds conferences and provides academic papers on the same.

We are knowledge partners of IoTBD for spreading the reach of this new paradigm deeper in the Internet Of Things community.

IDTechEx is a market research, business intelligence and event organizing company that is serving clients across 80 countries since 1999. The company is headquartered in Cambridge, UK. The major focus of its operation is to track emerging technologies and help businesses make strategic decisions through the insight they provide.

Internet Of Things Wiki has partnered with IDTechEx to help them track IoT technologies better. We will be part of Internet of Things Application Europe conference to be held in Berlin, Germany as well.

IOTConnect is one of the largest smart technology exhibition and conference that brings most potential IoT related companies, services and people together. The main  objective of this event is to develop new business across the smart devices, wearables and IOT landscapes.

We have teamed with IoTConnect as their media partners for their upcoming internet of things events.