Top 10 IoT Platforms

Top 10 IoT Platforms

After learning what is the internet of things and learning about its fundamental components it’s time to choose an appropriate IoT platform. But first you should learn a bit about IoT hardware.

1What is an IoT platform?

In simple words the purpose of any IoT device is to connect with other IoT devices and applications (cloud-based mostly) to relay information using internet transfer protocols.

The gap between the device sensors and data networks is filled by an IoT Platform. Such a platform connects the data network to the sensor arrangement and provides insights using backend applications to make sense of plethora of data generated by hundreds of sensors.

In light of the possibilities that internet of things is offering tech companies has started capitalizing it. There are many IoT platforms available now that provide option to deploy internet of things applications on the go.

While there are hundreds of companies and a few startups venturing into IoT platform development, players like Amazon and Microsoft are way ahead of others in the competition. Read on to know about top 10 IoT platforms you can use for your applications.

View Top 10 IoT Platforms listed in this short video: 


  • Michael

    ClearBlade Novi platform, Ayla Networks not on this list?

    • MRahul

      Thanks for suggesting Michael we are on it. We will definitely review your suggestions for consideration.

    • Thank you for suggestions @Michael. We will review these suggestions soon.

  • prashant bansal

    Hi Author, you have also not mentioned the Aeris IoT platform, which is the only Integrated Connectivity, application & analytic IoT Suite.

    • Thank you very much @prashantbansal for bringing Aeris IoT platform to our notice. As you can make out that this list consisted only top 10 platforms, competition was tough to decide. However we are accessing all the emerging platforms continuously and if Aeris is worth it we definitely will include in the coming Top 10 list for sure.

  • James

    Thanks for this great article. I Would like to also mention

    he Rayven Iot platform simplifies the process of developing and delivering powerful IoT/M2M applications.

    Where you can connect , configure, deploy, analyze & optimize your
    smart products, from one centralized powerful & flexible IOT
    platform. Its all drag and drop with no coding needed.

  • Andrew Parsons

    XMPro Agile IoT Platform is worth watching. Combines heterogeneous connectivity, with Analytics, Machine learning through Azure/SAP Hanna/AWS and most importantly the BPM and workflow activity as a result of the analysis.

  • Laura Holm

    Where would you place hpe’s platform?

  • Huseyin Bashan

    The ease and power of Android;
    If you can build an Android application then you can build an IoT device with “Android Things”. More excitingly, now “Iot-Ignite” platform is ready for you to build Android based simple to very sophisticated enterprise grade IoT services and applications. Come and visit iot-ignite(.)com

  • Okan Kara

    IoT-Ignite also desires attention. Among others by leveraging Android (since almost all other are based on Linux), pioneering edge processing, delivering IoT OS (named PilarOS), entegrated into open hardware (i.e. RP.3.0) and the first IoT marketplace in the sector are key differentiators of this state-of-the-art platform…