IoT Programming Languages You Must Know


Internet of Things projects attracts many beginners and students. Ability to connect physical objects to create an easy human experience is a tremendous achievement in its own. For any IoT project the choice of the software and hardware is a tough call. Where selection of hardware can be truly cumbersome, choice of a language to program IoT is also not an easy call. Here we list top 10 IoT programming languages you can get started with.


Advent of object oriented programming (OOP) languages at one point put procedural languages like C, FORTRAN and COBOL to obscurity. While COBOL and FORTRAN made their mark as niche languages, C was able to set its foot hard in the OOP domain, thanks to Bjarne Stroustrup. He developed C++, an object-oriented pre-processor for C.

Additions in form of classes, objects and data abstraction were made to core C by its new pre-processor, this made C++ a preferred language for writing IoT code especially for Linux. Even after 30 years of its development, C ++ is going strong as a choice for embedded system programming.