IoT Programming Languages You Must Know


Internet of Things projects attracts many beginners and students. Ability to connect physical objects to create an easy human experience is a tremendous achievement in its own. For any IoT project the choice of the software and hardware is a tough call. Where selection of hardware can be truly cumbersome, choice of a language to program IoT is also not an easy call. Here we list top 10 IoT programming languages you can get started with.


Every programmer’s first language C is still one of the predominant languages. Its applicability to IoT projects is evident from the fact that it was developed to program telephone switches in first place. C can be used to program most of the advanced embedded system platforms either directly or through SDKs.

If you are a programmer chances are very high that you will already have some knowledge of the language to program in C. It will really easy for you to get started with this language and even if you are not familiar with C, it’s time you do. There are some down points of C which make it less preferable in today’s development arena like it is compiled not interpreted and comes with no GUI.

Still C is a tough candidate for the IoT programming needs.